So I finally got to spend some time with my sister-in-law, R, who kindly offered to be my guinea pig so that I could practice taking pictures of people who are older than two. (I love my little E to pieces, but I want more experience in taking pictures of adults!)

We headed over to Shinjuku Gyoen, a beautiful, enormous park in Tokyo. It was freezing cold and about to rain at any minute, but we had so much fun just shooting photos and chatting that the not-so-ideal conditions didn’t really seem to matter. Once again, I took too many pictures, but for the sake of this post I’ve narrowed it down quite a bit. (I really need to learn how to do that better!)

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On most occasions, my model is my little girl. Fun, unpredictable, and usually cooperative for about, say, thirty seconds? It’s hard to shoot with her but there’s never a dull moment (and lots and lots of glorious outtakes).

Today, I had lunch with my sister-in-law, R, an adorable girl who, kindhearted soul that she is, tolerated me taking photos of her during our little date to celebrate her birthday. It was during this outing that I realized just how different it is to have a grown-up model. They listen! They actually stop moving long enough for you to compose your shot! It’s fairly obvious, I know, but it felt so new to me for some reason. (It probably just means I need to get out more… Noted.)

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