Is it too late to say, “Happy New Year!” when January is half over? Probably. But Happy New Year, anyway. The past month just flew by in a blur and between this post and my last, so many things have happened–including another move within LA.

After unpacking over a hundred boxes on my own and making our new home nice and presentable, we finally got around to getting Internet connection. This means I got my desktop out of its box and turned it on for the first time in over a year. (It was waiting for me in LA with K while I was in Japan waiting to go to LA to join K. Okay, that’s too wordy but whatever. I haven’t written anything in a while so bear with me.)

This new house though. Oh gosh. We are so lucky to have a place with such a great view of the sunset. It literally blinds us every morning. E is happy to have a room to herself and has requested that I make it green and pink, her favorite colors. I’m gonna have to dig in really deep to find my inner girly decorator so that her room turns out cute instead of looking like one of my monochrome film shots.

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There’s something about black and white photography that appeals to me in a way that color photography does not. Don’t get me wrong– I love color photography too, but there’s just something about monochromatic shots that draws me in. Maybe it’s the way it seems to really “freeze” that particular moment in time. How you can sort of “feel the silence”–if that makes sense at all. Maybe it’s because I’m mostly drawn to lights and shadows when I’m taking pictures. I don’t know…

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