Through Her Eyes | 01



Before I share my last post on our trip to Joshua Tree (there’s a part one and a part two), I thought I’d share some of the shots that E took with her little point-and-shoot. I’m always pleasantly surprised when I look through the shots that my little three-year-old takes. Children have no rules of composition in their heads. No restrictions. Nothing holds them back. Sure, a lot of the shots are blurry messes, but some of them…some of them are amazing. (*I did post-process some of these, but just the colors. I didn’t crop or straighten them.)

What do you think?


At first glance, this looks like a random shot of the blue sky. Which would’ve been perfectly fine too. But after looking a little closer, I realized she had taken a photo of a boy who was flying a remote control helicopter. I would never even think to position the boy so far in the bottom corner, but it makes the shot interesting, don’t you think? It’s like I’m looking through my daughter’s eyes.


The last one is my favorite. E told us to walk far away and look towards the mountains.

It’s perfect.




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  1. She’s already telling you how to pose! No wonder she had that serious expression when taking her photos, she is a master at composition. These photos are fabulous, I love it!

  2. She is amazing for only 3!!! Wow, my son would take a shot and then go running around into the desert. Boys are so different from girls. I love that you are encouraging such raw talent and it’s amazing to see what she sees!! I love it!


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