When Life Gives You Lemons…and Avocados



When I was little, we had a blueberry bush in our backyard. It was sort of great. We enjoyed it and so did the deer and birds, I assume. When my grandfather visited us from Japan, he ventured out in the yard and came back looking tired and satisfied. He proudly exclaimed that he chopped down the scraggly bush that seemed to be in the way of others.

And that was the end of our life with free fruit in the yard.

Flash forward twenty-something years and here I am living in a house with lemons, oranges, figs and avocados in the yard. Even if my grandfather was healthy enough to come visit me here, I’m pretty sure even he would realize this time around that the trees in the yard are there for a pretty good reason.

Anyway, I hope E remembers the days we spend here in California–if not all of it, at least the things that will make her smile in rough times. Like how the ocean greeted us every morning. How the sunset painted the sky in pastel colors every evening. And maybe even how we had a whole selection of fruit in our yard.

Okay. Well maybe she won’t remember much of the details.

But I do realize it’s up to me to make the most of her experience here. And just maybe, some bits and pieces will stay in her heart as the years go by.

Because time is a slippery little sucker and before you know it, you’ve got permanent wrinkles on your forehead and practically all of the Olympic champions are half your age. Seriously. (And to those of you who grew up in the nineties like me… did you know it’s been 21 years since the first Jurassic Park was released? And oh gosh, have you seen this Saved By the Bell reunion? How is it that everyone still looks exactly the same?)

But I digress.

…and now I can’t even recall what I was writing about anyway.

Well, have a great weekend, wherever you may be.

I’m off to make some guacamole with my lemons and avocados.





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  1. You really know how to make a girl jealous, Miwa! Oranges and avocados are two of my favorite foods! I am curious to know what you do with the figs. My grandmother has a fig tree in her yard and I’m pretty sure all she’s ever done is collect the figs and give them to other people. I haven’t a clue what you actually make with them!

    • I haven’t ever made anything with figs before either, but my dad is a huge fig lover and he eats them plain, buys fig jam, fig tarts, dried figs…anything really. It’s not fig season yet so there aren’t any in my yard yet, but I’m thinking I might try making jam if we are lucky enough to get some good ones ;)

  2. Oh my gosh! 21 years since Jurassic Park and now there is a new one coming out. Wow was that 1993? I can’t believe that, just thinking I was in Florida during the release of that film and only a 3 years later we’d be on our way to Japan the first time. That’s just crazy.

    I’m jealous of your fruit trees too! Having so much fruit and for it to be ready pretty much anytime of year is gonna be awesome! You can make lemonade and dip your figs in peanut butter. Our yard is so tiny and with our lease I’d never try to plant anything there to just be moving in a few short months hopefully to the other side of the island…..but I suppose we do get a lot of cheap pineapple and guava.

    I love the shot of E-chan with the lemon holding it up to the camera your bokeh is to die for! I love it Miwa!!

    • Thanks, DIna! I know, I can’t believe it’s been so long since Jurassic Park… I feel ancient!
      And I’ve never tried figs with peanut butter, but I will definitely try it if we get some good figs :)

      I understand about not being able to plant things or really settle in when you have a move coming up so soon. I was in my previous house for a month, and it just felt like an extended stay at a large, empty hotel. I hope you guys find a place that makes you feel at home :)

  3. “… a house with lemons, oranges, figs and avocados in the yard.” You’re describing my childhood in South Africa. Except that we called it a garden. (Tsk. American English. Grin.)


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