The Puzzle of Photography



I’m not sure what it is about photography that appeals to me so much. Maybe its the fact that there are endless possibilities of how to portray a single shot. How the slightest difference in things like color, light, shadows and composition can send an entirely different message to the viewer.

It’s like a puzzle.

Or a canvas.

It’s the creative outlet that I needed at this moment in my life. It’s both an escape from reality and a way to focus on the joys of my everyday life.

To those of you who love it as much as I do, I’m curious–what is it about photography that appeals to you?

Leica IIIcuntitled




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    • Thanks, Sarah :) I agree–editing affects the photo in a major way. At first I always felt like I was “cheating” whenever I post-processed a photo, but now it’s actually one of my favorite parts of the whole photography process. It’s like I get two chances to enjoy a single shot. The moment I compose the shot and the time I spend at home, creating the finished look that I want.

      The article you linked blew me away. Wow. Incredible indeed. Thank you so much!!

  1. I think the thing that I love most about photography is capturing a special moment. Or framing something in a way that shares the emotion you feel in that place :)

  2. That’s such an interesting thought. I think photos for me are the journals and diaries I kept when I was younger. I’ve always been into keeping records of things and photos are just another way to preserve the when and wheres in my life. Now that I think back on it, I gradually started shifting from writing journals to taking photos when I got my first official camera.

    I love the photos that you take with the various cameras you have! x

    • Thanks, Kaori :)

      Journals and diaries, definitely! I’ve kept a diary since I was seven and like you, I think I started shifting from writing to taking photos over the years. But once I found blogging, it allowed me to do both. Which is probably why I enjoy blogging too ;)

    • Thanks, Yulia! Yeah, I love how there are so many different possibilities too! I used to post my photos straight from my camera but now I never skip the editing process–it’s so much fun to discover how much a single shot can evolve and change ;)

  3. I think, for me photography drew me in because I could express myself in a way I could never do when I drew something. A photo is a moment in time that can be manipulated or captured in a way that only I can capture. My thoughts and emotion are seen in my photos and project a mirror of myself in pretty much all my work. I think having that ability to be able to see yourself raw is what makes me dive deeper into photography. I really like to go back and look at my work and try to understand my though process about why I shot that picture and why I edited it in such a way. I also wanted to have beautiful, intimate pictures of my son that were actually good and not just snaps on my cell phone that could easily be lost.

    E is going to have sooooo many beautiful photos to look back on when she was a baby and child. <3

    • What a great way to describe your love for photography ;) I agree that it’s a way to express yourself–really show raw emotions that can’t be expressed in any other way. It never really occurred to me to go back and look at my work, but that sounds like an interesting thing to do. I’m sure I would take the same shot in an totally different way now, and edit it in different ways too.

      • For sure! Like my shopping cart photos. I take those almost everytime I go out shopping just to see if I can find a better way to take the shot. Sometimes it’s worse then the first time I photographed T and other times I’m really happy with the turn out.

  4. When I started my blog, it was copy only. Then the journalist / linguist / logophile reached the painful conclusion that words have their limits; and that a picture is, indeed, worth many words. Maybe not 1000, but about 107. ;) I’m taking more photos than ever before, though I still firmly believe if a moment is truly special, it will be imprinted in your memories. So why do I snap away?
    1) It’s a way to show my friends who don’t live in Japan what my life is like.
    2) It makes Japanophiles (and there are so many!) happy.
    3) One day, when I’m a really old woman and those imprints have faded to sepia, my photos will help me to remember.

    • I think those are pretty good reasons to snap away ;)

      I can’t even imagine your blog without your photos!! For me, it’s the combination of your gorgeous photographs and your wise, informative (hilarious) words that make your blog so great.

      Photography is definitely a way for me to remember moments, too. I feel lucky to live in an age where visually documenting things is so easy to do.


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