On Blinding Sunsets

Is it too late to say, “Happy New Year!” when January is half over? Probably. But Happy New Year, anyway. The past month just flew by in a blur and between this post and my last, so many things have happened–including another move within LA.

After unpacking over a hundred boxes on my own and making our new home nice and presentable, we finally got around to getting Internet connection. This means I got my desktop out of its box and turned it on for the first time in over a year. (It was waiting for me in LA with K while I was in Japan waiting to go to LA to join K. Okay, that’s too wordy but whatever. I haven’t written anything in a while so bear with me.)

This new house though. Oh gosh. We are so lucky to have a place with such a great view of the sunset. It literally blinds us every morning. E is happy to have a room to herself and has requested that I make it green and pink, her favorite colors. I’m gonna have to dig in really deep to find my inner girly decorator so that her room turns out cute instead of looking like one of my monochrome film shots.



E and I play outside every day, and as always whenever I bring my camera with me, she insists on taking some photos too. I know I’m biased but I think she’s got a great touch. The following two shots were taken by her with my huge DSLR. (And here’s what she looked like in action.)



Following a few days of pouring rain and cold nights, the weather has been really nice. During those rainy days though, I kept on complaining to K, since he had insisted that it never really rains here and it’s always nice out.

But now that LA is feeling more like LA, he keeps on telling me, “Miwa, THIS is what it’s like. This is LA!”

I hear you, K.

And well, I love it.





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  1. Happy New Year to you, Miwa! So nice to hear you’ve settled down in LA. Looking forward to seeing LA through your eyes…and of course little E’s, too! She is a great photographer :D

    • Thanks, Kaori! I don’t know how often I’ll post, but I’ll definitely share photos whenever I can. And yeah, I’m totally 親バカ but I really do think she has a great eye ;D

  2. Oooh, that last shot! And it’s never to late to say happy new year if you haven’t said it yet. :) I’ve missed your updates, but knew you were probably very busy getting settled in. I may have asked you this before, but I’ve forgotten – is LA a permanent or semi-permanent move for you guys? I think LA would be a very fun place to live.

    • LA is most likely going to be a temporary move for us. We probably won’t be here for too long, but who knows? Hopefully, we’ll get to enjoy what it has to offer while we’re here :D

  3. LA is so nice! I’m glad you guys are settling in. We might be right behind you having to find a new place. Our lease is only 6 months cause the owners are thinking about selling it. Hahah Miwa are we kindred spirits or something?

    The weather looks nice enough to be out side everyday! So amazing!!!! It doesn’t rain that much in LA you are there during the “winter” time which is the rainy season.

    • Really?? Our lives are definitely on the same wave length!! It’s amazing how we’re experiencing so many similar things!

      And yes, the weather has been great (except of course during those weird days of pouring rain). I’m starting to get used to seeing people in T-shirts in mid-January ;)

  4. Miwa,

    Sounds like you’ve had quite the move! I’m sure you’ll make E’s room amazing and she’ll be over the moon!

    Would love to hear what you think of LA and if you have any spots you can recommend to visit. We’ll be in Palm Springs late february and are renting a car and plan to branch away to see other sights!


  5. Miwa! I fell behind! I didn’t even know you had moved. Boy, was I surprised when I opened up your blog to see Joshua Tree (wowww) and then read that you’d left Japan! Happy New Year, indeed! Happy settling and wearing T-shirts! Tomorrow in Tokyo looks like snow!

    • Hi, Melissa! Happy New Year :)

      Yes, a lot has happened in the past couple of months! It’s crazy. But good crazy, I think. Life here in LA is so different from Connecticut (and Tokyo of course), but I’m loving it so far.

      Stay warm ;)


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