On Being Grateful

Things are finally starting to slow down a bit around here–meaning I finally get to post these shots from this weekend, when we stopped by White Point/Royal Palms County Beach. K insisted on showing E and I the sunset from this spot, because it’s where he watched the sunset when he first arrived in LA alone.

I’m sure he stood there in January, feeling very lonely, his feelings accentuated by the beautiful sad colors of the sun going down, his surroundings slowly growing darker. It breaks my heart to think about how he must’ve felt.

But this time, I’m pretty sure the same colors looked different in his eyes. No longer sad, but full of hope. A gentle reminder that his family is here and he is no longer alone.

White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms
White Point / Royal Palms

As I watched from behind as K and E enjoyed the sunset together, it made me feel so grateful that we finally get to live together and experience these moments as a family.

Each moment holds much more meaning.

The gorgeous views look even more majestic.

Yes, we are lucky.

And I am, and will always be, so very grateful.




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    • Thanks, Sarah! I’ve been so busy that I’m so behind on blogging! Hopefully I’ll have some time to catch up with what everyone else has been up to, soon! Happy New Year ;)

  1. I’m so glad you’re all together again! It must have been so hard on all of you being apart but it’s beautiful to see and hear your joy of being together as a family again! Hope you all have a lovely Christmas! xx

    • Thanks, Kaori!! It’s the best feeling to finally be reunited. I think the year apart has made our bond as a family even stronger. Hope you’re having a great oshougatsu! Happy New Year ;)

    • Thanks, Camellia! Yes, I’ve been busy settling in and getting familiar with the area. But it’s all very exciting and wonderful ;) Hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures soon! Happy New Year!!


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