Mt. Fuji and Hakone

Last Friday my parents took E and I on a short day trip to Hakone. As we were driving along the highway, I spotted Mt. Fuji peering its head out from the clouds. It was a brief moment and I just barely managed to get the shot above before my view was obstructed by power lines.

Somehow, I always seem to forget the scale of this Japanese landmark. It’s big. It’s gorgeous. And contrary to what I used to think, it is not named after a person. (In Japanese, Mt. Fuji is called Fuji-san. “San” means mountain but it’s also used at the end of names. When I was little I used to think that Japanese people named the mountain after someone with the last name Fuji and referred to it lovingly by adding the honorific “san” out of politeness. I was so sad when I learned people were just saying “Mt. Fuji” and not “Mr. Fuji.” “Mr. Fuji” seemed so much more original!)

Anyway, Hakone.

It’s a place that’s mostly famous for its onsen or hot springs, but we didn’t go to any this time. (I really wanted to though! Maybe next time…) We just went to escape from the city, get some fresh air, and enjoy the autumn colors that I so dearly love.

Hakone, Japan

The ride back was also picturesque. The sunset was one of those extra lazy ones that takes its time, slowly changing colors, seeping across the sky, like ink on water in slow-mo.

Hakone, Japan
Hakone, Japan




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  1. Amazing) now I am totally sure that I want to visit Japan) I haven’t thought that is has such a nice nature. It is more associated for me with megapolis than with beautiful landscapes! Thank you)

    • Thanks, Yulia! Tokyo is definitely a megalopolis, but it’s only just one part of Japan. There’s a lot of nature, beautiful landscapes, and so much culture! If you ever do get the chance to visit this country, I recommend that you go to various places to see all that it has to offer ;)

  2. That is so funny that you thought that Fuji San was called San out of respect because as a child I always thought the same thing!! :-p beautiful photos! I haven’t been to Fuji San yet but this time of year seems like a great time with the leaves changing. :-D

    • Really?? I’m so glad to hear that you thought the same thing! I’ve actually never been to Fuji-san… I always just see it from afar. But I hear the hike up the mountain is great, especially if you time it so that you can see the sunrise when you reach the peak!

      • Definitely! Yeah I’ve only seen it from the airplane myself. I really want to visit sometime. Everyone I know who’s been there says it’s a really intense hike too. I guess as long as you choose a good time to go. I’d definitely love to see the sunrise up there! ^_^

  3. Great photos! Hakone’s fall colours are beautiful. What a nice shot of Mt. Fuji. Speaking of Mr. Fuji, have you seen the Fuji-Q characters Fuji-kun and Fujiko-chan? I thought they must be the children of Fuji-san ^^

  4. Oh my gosh!!! That wonderful bokeh!!!! I love the door shot and those leaves! killing me!

    You almost make me want to start a blog up again just to share my images in a more tangible place!!!

  5. Ahhhh! You’ve captures fall so beautifully! I love the one with the leaves on the ground around your feet :D

    I know what you mean about Mt. Fuji. One time I saw it from above on an airplane really clearly and I couldn’t get my mind around how I had actually climbed to the top of that mountain the year before! It seemed impossibly large and small at the same time…if that makes sense.

    • Thanks, Kaori! I’ve never seen Mt. Fuji from a plane before, but I can imagine how majestic it would be! Maybe I’ll be lucky enough to see it one day. I’ve also never climbed it before, although it’s something I wish to do someday…. It’s just that I have pretty bad asthma so I’m told it might not be the best idea for me unless I’m doing really well health-wise. (Same with Machu Picchu. I so want to go, but we’ll see…)

  6. I love the moody look to these photos. Great job!

    Your comment about Mr. Fuji made me smile. I forget that for people living near it, driving by Mt Fuji is just an everyday thing. For me, seeing Mt Fuji would mean taking 1,000 photos and exclaiming loudly over and over that I’m actually seeing Mt Fuji! ;)

    • Sorry about the misleading comment I left on your blog! There ARE orange and red trees around here–I just haven’t gotten around to getting any shots of them ;) And I agree, nothing beats fall in Japan!


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