Kagurazaka: Part 2

So here is part two of my photos from Kagurazaka. (See part one here.) I was blessed with great weather, few tourists walking about, and an adorable cat who was willing to model for me while I snapped shots with my DSLR and then switched to my film camera and fumbled with the settings. (The cat gave me an annoyed glance and swiftly walked away the moment I pressed the shutter. It was obviously patiently waiting for me to get the shot. Sorry, cat!)

And I apologize for the photo overload… It’s just so hard for me to narrow things down. (I actually had twice as many photos as I’ve shared in parts one and two combined. Yikes.)

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this virtual stroll through “old” Japan!


There’s a great cafe by the river just a few minutes away from Kagurazaka. I didn’t have enough time to grab a bite to eat, but I did get a couple of shots. It would be nice to spend a lazy afternoon here, don’t you think?

Canal Cafe




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    • Yeah, great weather is such a blessing! Although rain can be quite interesting too :)

      And yeah, I’m enjoying my rangefinder! I am so slow at getting the right settings and getting the focus right though (it’s so hard when there’s two viewfinders and it’s so different from digital). But I’m having a lot of fun with the learning process!

  1. I understand your picture dilemma! It’s hard to choose which photos to share when you end up getting a lot of good ones. That’s why my trip recaps drag on and on and on. :) I love that photo of the cat, and the one of you is fantastic, too! I meant to tell you in Part 1 that I loved your jacket!

    • Thanks! I really should work on narrowing things down a bit more though! haha. It’s so hard when you have sooo many pictures to go through though. Maybe it means I take too many? Probably. Shooting film on the other hand sort of helps me control myself when it comes to the number of shots I get. Hopefully it’s a habit that will someday help slow me down when I shoot digital too.
      PS. Thanks about my jacket! It’s an old one, but one of my favorites ;)

  2. I love love love Kagurazaka and the way you captured it in your photos! (I was actually just there today!) And I know exactly how you feel. Narrowing down photos is so hard to do! Maybe you should just do a part three? ;)

    • I just visited your blog and commented on how I’ve eaten at that udon place, and here you are commenting that you were just at Kagurazaka! We’re totally crossing paths ;)

      And yeah, in all seriousness, I have enough photos to do a part 3. haha ;) But I’ll control myself!

  3. I’ve been to all these places, and that cobblestone street is one of my favourites in Tokyo.

    Gorgeous photos, and that cat, oh, that cat! Did you take him home with you? ^^

    • That cobblestone street completely captured my heart! It’s such a small area, but it’s packed with so much culture–I love it. And yeah, that cat! He knew exactly what was going on and was totally posing for me. I’m actually very allergic to cats though, so that’s as close as I could get!


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