Waiting for Autumn Colors

It has finally started. The changing of colors. The preparation for colder days and chilly nights. Leaves are starting to collect at the side of road, just waiting to be crunched by my all-too-eager toddler. They don’t stand a chance.

During every outing, my little E and I spend a good amount of time searching for the reddest leaves, the biggest leaves, and the ones with holes in them that, according to E, look like faces.

The red leaves are the rarest of the bunch, since most of the trees in our neighborhood are still lounging around, savoring the warm days that we’ve been having here and there.

But that shouldn’t last for too much longer.

I can’t wait to walk around with E when the trees are at are their autumn best.

Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan
Autumn in Japan




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  1. Sadly I will be missing the Autumn colors by the time I reach Tokyo and instead will be greeted with the Winter season…hopefully Autumn would linger about, but I doubt that since I’m only traveling in mid-Dec. If you don’t mind me asking where were these pictures taken? They’re really beautiful.

    • Autumn has been pretty slow this year. I actually heard that the colors will probably be the prettiest from the end of November till mid-December. So you never know ;)

      And oops, I forgot to mention where these photos were taken, didn’t I? Thanks for asking! They were taken at Happo-en in Shirokanedai.

    • What a lovely, lovely poem! Thank you so much for sharing :)

      And yeah, the anticipation of how the colors will change is definitely a part of autumn that’s worth enjoying ;)

  2. No joke! My favorite season of the year…….if only I could have something alive to chance colors!

    Samishiiii na.

    LOL I loved it when I was in Baltimore / Annapolis because the leaves changed so dramatically. It was truly beautiful!! Nothing like that here.

    I can’t wait to see the season change for you too! My husband says it is starting to get cold in Korea too but only at night. The snow is on it’s way there. I’m so jealous!~

    • I know! I literally can’t wait till the leaves start turning red! But we’ve been having some weird weather lately so things are moving a lot slower than usual. I’m hoping it doesn’t affect the colors though.

      I’ve never really thought twice about having four seasons since I grew up in CT/NY and then moved to Tokyo/Nagoya. (All areas that have awesome seasonal differences throughout the year.) But now I realize how special it is to be able to experience all four seasons :)

    • Thank you, Camellia! Happoen is a beautiful venue for weddings and parties. They have a gorgeous garden that’s open to the public. I’m hoping I can go back to get some more pictures when the leaves turn red!


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