Around the City

We have officially entered autumn, and that means the sun sets earlier and mornings start just a tad bit later. E’s inner alarm clock has finally shifted from 4:30 am to 5:00 am, a welcome change, but just a few months too late. (5:00 am in October is still pretty dark and pretty darn cold. But at least we’ve graduated from the 4 o’clock time frame that should be reserved for the elderly, kids who are eager to open Christmas presents and of course, newborns.)

In any case, yes! It’s October!

(Er, mid-October by now, I realize.)

We’ve entered the best season (in my opinion) clothing-wise, food-wise and color-wise. I’m giddy with anticipation to drown myself in layers, wear leather jackets in every possible situation, clunk around in boots, hold pipin’ hot cups of apple cider (oh wait, they don’t really have that here in Japan…), fill myself with too much pumpkin everything and sit in front of a fireplace (wait, we don’t have much of that in Tokyo either… boo).

And although I would’ve loved to be in the States with K by now, E and I have decided to make the best of a bad situation and enjoy our remaining time in Tokyo by painting the town red. Okay, I lie. We will be strolling around the city, E in her Ergo (yeah, she’s a tad too old for it now but she really isn’t a fan of the walking or the sitting in strollers) and me with my camera and occasional hat. Exciting stuff, I know.

I mean, it’s pretty lovely here, too.

Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori
Marunouchi Nakadori




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  1. Lovely shots and I agree with you about the season — colours, food and clothing are by far my favorite for this time of year, even though I’m in sunny Southern CA I like to clunk around in boots too!

  2. Lovely day to be out and about thats for sure! I like the outcome of all the photos you took. That picture of your lil’ girl crouching down by the window display is adorable! I’m right there with you on the whole missing out on the whole autumn ritual of stuffing ones self with pumpkin-flavored/seasoned everything and the hot apple cider. I can only sigh and wish I was back in the US to enjoying fall weather.

    • Thanks! (I always want to insert your name but I realize I have no idea what it is. What should I call you? Espresso? ;) totally serious, by the way.) And I’m so relieved to hear that someone totally understands my cravings for all things autumn, US-style. It just isn’t the same here in Japan. I mean, Japan has its perks in autumn too (Kyoto at this time of year, for example–swooon) but… you know. Sigh :/

      • You can call me Kim :D As for the US-style autumn…I totally miss the smell of cinnamon in the air mingled with the smell of autumn leaves, it just everywhere! As soon as you enter any store the smell of sweet cinnamon would just assaults your senses, I used to hate it but now when its gone I miss it! There is of course all the pumpkin spiced goodies and ginger breadman! I’ve never been to Kyoto in the autumn, but I heard its absolutely beautiful!

        • Thanks, Kim ;) Yes, the smell of cinnamon, pumpkin spiced goodies, gingerbread men, the sound of leaves crunching beneath your feet, mugs of hot cocoa in front of crackling fireplaces… I miss it all. And Kyoto in autumn is amazing. I totally recommend it if you ever have the chance!

  3. My favorite time of year too……………………………………….if only we had seasons here. :P

    It does cool off a bit. Today it was 88. Pumpkin time it is for me too! I like to make a whole pumpkin into a soup bowl and back it in the oven. It’s sooooo good and I make my own pumpkin spice tea in the slow cooker. It’s an awesome time of year.

    Love your photos Miwa! I feel like we are on the same page of documenting our lives. I love all your photos my favorite is the pizza and E pointing out the red design on her plate.

    • 88 degrees is a cool day? Yikes. I remember you saying how unbelievably hot it is there… And Hawaii will be hot too! (Of course, a different kind of hot. Hopefully, a welcome change on your part?)

      And making a pumpkin into a soup bowl sounds like such a great idea!! I’ve got to try that out sometime ;) It is definitely an awesome time of year.

      And I’m very flattered that you like my photos, Dina! Those words mean so much coming from a talented photographer like you ;)

      • Well at least….it will rain somewhere on the island everyday so I hear. And I can go outside in the middle of the day. That’s almost impossible there in the middle of summer. You are asking for hear stroke. >_<

        Oh no! You have a lot of raw talent Miwa you are fantastic!

  4. Your photos are always so chill. I love it.

    My suggestion would be, next time you’re in Omotesando…go by the B-SIDE Starbucks because they have Double Caramel Apple Cider on their menu. It’s close enough to the real thing for me! ;)

  5. I love your autumn) pictures are great) I completely agree that autumn is the best season, the most beautiful and full of fruits and vegetables. Now I know that Japan is a nice place to visit in autumn) This weekend I have taken many autumn pictures of my native city, will share them soon-this city is the most beautiful in autumn :) thank you for this mood )

  6. I tend to think October is the best month, too, but that may have a little to do with the fact that it’s my birthday month. :) We had an extended summer this year, so it has just begun to feel like fall over the past two weeks. The leaves are finally changing and I can’t wait to get out this weekend and take some pictures, assuming it’s not raining. I do love this time of year!

    • Oh yes, I saw on Instagram that you celebrated a birthday! Happy birthday and I hope you had a great one ;) I hope you get to take some shots this weekend too! Can’t wait to see them :)


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