On the Road

Ever since my first road trip across the States with K ten years ago, I’ve been drawn to road trips and the great outdoors like a moth to a flame. The never ending road, stretching as far as the eye can see. The beauty of nature and the myriad of colors that can be found in areas untouched by human hands. The sound of silence. The list goes on and on. That first road trip is also when I fell in love with photography.

If you’ve been following me since my old blog, or if you’ve seen my Instagram feed, I’m sure you know my love for road trips by now. You’ve probably already seen the photos in this post, too! (Heck, I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to the road.)

My husband K and I have driven across the States twice, and although we had our share of fights, those trips were worth every second. On our first road trip, we drove from California to Florida with nothing but a simple map. We were fresh out of college and had no money. The second time around, we had a little more money so we were able to afford a car navigation system. After using it, we realized how crazy we were the first time, driving cross-country with nothing but that flimsy map…

So why am I digging up these old photos now, you ask?

Well, the answer is simple: I have the travel bug. Again. I want to escape from reality and drive around with my best friend. No plans, no itinerary. Nothing but a map and a vague route. I know it’ll be ten times as tough with E in tow, but I do hope we can go again someday soon. (What do you say, K?)

Road trip
Road trip
Road trip
Road trip

“There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” Jack Kerouac, On the Road




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  1. I’ve not done a full out road trip before, but driving long distance esp. under the wide open skies and the strip of tar road you’ve been driving on looks to be never ending thinning in the horizon, with wide open fields on both sides of you is quite the view – and the experience. The second pic from the bottom is most familiar to me and brings back memories of driving 3 hours home from college during breaks.

    • Yes, that never ending road thinning in the horizon, surrounded by nature… it really is quite the experience. Better yet at dawn or dusk! If that was the view you took in during your drives back home, I’m very jealous ;)

        • Really? Okay, so now I’m officially jealous ;) I went to college in bustling Japan so there were zero scenic drives home for me. Plus, I grew up deep in the woods of Connecticut so long drives were usually all about trees (which I’m not complaining about, just stating!) Only after hitting the road after college did I really appreciate how vast and beautiful the US is :)

        • Long drives through the woods is beautiful!!!! Just different to driving in wide open space with as far as the eye can see horizons…but still foresty green drives are beautiful photo ops ;) The US is really beautiful, it is able to provide such diverse terrains that you’re always kept at awe at its changes

  2. I’ve driven from Arizona to Maryland and Maryland to Arizona all by myself. It was fun but scary all at the same time. I was more alert because I was scared but I got to photograph some cool things. I would love to do a road trip but with T it is so much harder because he gets bored. He survived the trip from Arizona to San Diego but I don’t think we could demand much longer out of him.

    Amazing bond experience as a couple though! Maybe you could tackle smaller trips and then get longer trips as E gets older?

    • Wow, I don’t think I’d be able to make that kind of trip all by myself with a toddler in tow! Sugoiyo! I think tackling small trips at first and then trying longer ones as E gets older is an excellent strategy ;) That’s probably what we’ll do. And yeah, road trips are definitely a great way for couples to bond :)

      • Demo hitori daiyo. Choo kowai.

        I wouldn’t want to do it again by myself all by myself. It was nice to be able to stop and see friends I’ve been separated from by the military.

        I hope you guys can take a trip soon!

  3. My husband and I did a road trip from Texas to Washington, D.C. over 10 years ago and back then after we completed, we were like maybe never again… We were under some stress since we moved from Texas to D.C., so I have to give ourselves another chance. Every time we visit our families in Texas, we drive around a lot within the state and we do enjoy the trip. I hope you’ll get to go on a road trip again soon! Beautiful photos!!

    • Thanks, Kaho! Driving around Texas sounds wonderful too :) And if you ever do go on another road trip, I hope the experience is better than your first! And I definitely plan to go on another road trip–hopefully sometime next year ;)

  4. I LOVE your road trip photos! My sister drove with her friends from Michigan to California but I’ve never done cross country in the US. But I’ve always wanted to go (despite my lack of drivers license)! :D

    You and your love will probably do absolutely fine on the road as a family of three. My daddy like driving so we took a lot of road trips to places like DC or Canada as a family of five, then six, when we were younger. I think it’s doable! And also, chaos in the car is much better than chaos on public transportation, in my opinion. (I used to get motion sickness when I was little and there were a lot of pulling over for me….but less embarrassing when it’s just your family!)

    • Thanks, Kaori! I agree, chaos in the car is sooo much better than chaos on public transportation! I get nervous just thinking about dealing with a breakdown on a train… And I actually still get motion sickness too, but luckily I’ve never really gotten sick from K’s driving. I guess it works well with me? And here’s a dirty little secret–I have my license but for both of our road trips, K drove about 90% of the time! haha. I don’t have a license in Japan so I haven’t had much practice. My (self-proclaimed) job on road trips is taking pictures and acting as the DJ ;)


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