In Black and White


There’s something about black and white photography that appeals to me in a way that color photography does not. Don’t get me wrong– I love color photography too, but there’s just something about monochromatic shots that draws me in. Maybe it’s the way it seems to really “freeze” that particular moment in time. How you can sort of “feel the silence”–if that makes sense at all. Maybe it’s because I’m mostly drawn to lights and shadows when I’m taking pictures. I don’t know…

I’m still a beginner so I have so much to learn in general, but there’s one thing I know for sure–one day, someday in the future, I hope to learn how to capture monochromatic shots that appeal to others.

Until then, I guess all I can do is practice, practice, practice.

Shibuya, Tokyo




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  1. I feel the exact same way about black and white photography! There is definitely a charm which draws you in, with the play of shadows and light. I’m personally not very good with b&w photography either, but I do agree sometimes it does express a moment much better than color does. :D

    • I’m glad you agree! Yes, there are definitely times when b&w expresses the moment better than color. And I love your expression “play of shadow and light.” That explains the appeal very well ;)

  2. Your photos appeal to other already! They are beautiful. What do you use to edit your photo? I think monochromatic photos let your eyes find the details that you might not notice in color photos. I love black & white photos, too, but I’m not so good at them…

    • Thanks, Kaho! You’re too kind…! These days I use Lightroom to edit, but I’ve only just started using it so I have so much to learn. And I agree with what you said about how monochromatic shots let your eyes find details that may go unnoticed in color photos. I guess it makes everything a little more dramatic?

  3. You seem in no way amateur! I have yet to see a photo of yours I do not absolutely love. I never thought of it in this way, of “feeling the silence,” and yet after reading this I completely understand. Keep shooting, you are doing such an amazing job.

    • Thanks, Sasha :) You’re always so kind! But I really do hope to get better someday. And so I’ll continue to practice, practice, practice. (As you may have noticed, this blog is basically a bunch of my ramblings + a place for me to practice photography!)

  4. Truthfully that is almost the only way I shoot now. When I book clients I tell them right off the bat that I only shoot in black and white. Because I love it and it’s very timeless and those lights and shadows are what draws me into an image.

    I’ve been accused of my work being a mirror of my inner self. And maybe that’s true and that’s okay. That’s why we photography right? To find ourselves, to express ourselves and mostly to document our children growing up. I looked at an album I keep of T recently and I was shocked to see how much black and white of him I actually have.

    I do know that practice makes perfect but Miwa you are well on your way!!! 98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed. :P

    • Thanks, Dina! That means so much coming from you!! I hope you’re right ;)

      And you know what? I think I love your black and white shots the most. I love your color photos too, but your monochromatic shots always, always make me stop and stare. They draw me in. So it makes a lot of sense to me that you only shoot in black and white now ;)

  5. Do you put your camera on the monocromatic b&w mode? I used to be crazy about that, but when I had my “best photography class in the world” :) my friend told me not to do that because she said we all have our own style of how we want the b&w picture to turn out. Its easier to edit it from a normal colour photo than to try and modify it from a b&w one. So since then I do what she says and it does work out well for me. I must say though that I adore your shots in b&w. xx

    • Thanks, Sofia! I take all of my photos in color mode (usually RAW, though it depends on the camera and the size of the SD card I’m using) and then edit them later in Lightroom. I agree with your friend about each person having a certain style for black and white. The “black and white mode” in cameras don’t usually make my photos turn out how I envision them, so it’s so much easier to edit later and get all the shades just right. Post processing is what I enjoy the most ;)

      • Oh I’m happy to hear you do it like that too. Your photos are beautiful, so your processing is great :) I used to hate doing that but I love processing my photos now.

        • Oh thanks! I think it’s very exciting. I’ll tell you my brother lives in Australia and this year we’ve both really gone into photography. Even though we live far away we’ll whatsapp each other about everyday about it, both enjoying the learning process :)


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