For Breakfast Lovers

I am a breakfast person. I go to bed thinking about what I’m gonna eat in the morning. I could eat breakfast three times a day for several days straight without even feeling the slightest bit sick. And I’m not even joking. Toast, sausages, pancakes, waffles, Eggs Benedict, you name it, I love it.

So I’m always on the lookout for great breakfast/brunch places in Tokyo, and I’m happy to say that there are a lot more options these days than just a few years ago. Seriously, it used to be really hard to find a place that served decent Eggs Benedict. Oh, and don’t get me started on bagels. (Although they may not be a real “breakfast” food per se, I still sort of categorize them with the whole breakfast-brunch-snack type of meal.) It’s still pretty rare to find a REAL bagel here in Japan. In my opinion, most of what they serve as “bagels” are just bread shaped like doughnuts. Where’s the chewiness?? What’s a girl gotta do to get a decent bagel with some good old lox spread?

But anyway. Where was I?

Oh yes, breakfast + brunch.

So the other day when I went to Omotesando with my lovely mother, we had brunch at Clinton St. Baking in Minami-Aoyama. I’ve never been to the one in New York City, but I’m pretty sure it’s just as delicious or maybe even more so than the one here in Japan. My mother and I shared blueberry pancakes (stuffed with blueberries and topped with a bunch too) and of course, the Eggs Benedict.



This place is definitely worth a visit if you’re into breakfast food.

(One bit of advice though, if you’re planning to eat here in Japan, I’d recommend getting there around 11 am or earlier. We got there at about 10:45-ish and there was no line, but the closer it got to noon, the longer the line got outside.)

Clinton St. Baking Company & Restaurant

Hours: 8 am – 11 pm
5-17-1, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Japanese website




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  1. I agree!! Breakfast food is the best, no matter what time of the day. And the thing with the “bagels” being donut-shaped bread is so true!!! I feel so betrayed every time that happens. Bagel w salmon, cream cheese and capers + scrambled egg is my ideal meal always. I’m getting hungry…

  2. your pictures made me hungry)I am also breakfast person and I like this) it’s ok for my shape (at least), you definitely should visit Ukraine) our breakfasts are very nice – I will prepare special post one day!

  3. I love all your pictures you taken!!
    I love pancakes!
    Have you ever had Dutch baby pancakes? I had one today and it was sooooo good!

    Anyway, thank you so much for your comment on my blog.
    I really appreciate that you shared your blog page about 3.11.

    • Thanks! (I want to insert your name here but I don’t know what I should call you… Camellia, perhaps?) I’ve never had Dutch baby pancakes before. Do you happen to have any restaurant or cafe recommendations? I’d love to try ;)

  4. Yes, call me Camellia.
    I am learning English and trying to write in English, but my English is not very good… may find many mistakes.
    I hope you to help me to improve my English writing ability…..Please!

    Well, the restaurant I had Dutch Baby yesterday was great. REPACO GARDEN in Fukushima.
    If you have a chance to come here, please go and try!!

    • I think your English is great, Camellia! 表現しにくいことがあったらいつでも日本語で書いて下さい(*^^*) 私は逆に日本語を練習した方がいいので…(笑)

      And thank you for the pancake recommendation! I’ll definitely have to check it out if I ever go to Fukushima ;)

    • 私も嬉しいです^^


      (前のブログでは日本語と英語両方で記事を書いてたんですけどここでは断念して自分に楽な英語のみになってるので、カメリアさんに比べればがんばり度合いはかなり低いですけどね… ( ̄▽ ̄) )

  5. Okay, be still my heart. Breakfast. Eggs Benedict. Someone who mentions a good bagel with lox? These are the stuff dreams are made of, yes?! I could eat breakfast for dinner, breakfast for snack, all.the.time. Must go to Clinton St. But have you discovered Maruichi Bagels? Real ETs. Their business card is a salt packet. love.

    • Maruichi bagels? I’ve never heard of it but I will definitely be checking it out! Thanks for the tip, Melissa! And yes, I totally recommend Clinton St. Baking Company. So crowded, but sooo yummy ;)


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