After the Rain

Omotesando, Tokyo

Just a few shots from Omotesando, a beautiful tree-lined avenue in Tokyo. It’s a place that I don’t go to very often (it tends to be packed, especially on the weekends) but I do love how green the main street is. Especially after the rain.

Omotesando, Tokyo
Omotesando, Tokyo
Omotesando, Tokyo
Omotesando, Tokyo

And no, that’s not a shot of some random person’s butt. That would be me. (Taken by my lovely mother.)




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  1. Oh, Miwa, the photos are gorgeous! Love the view from the pedestrian overpass. I climb up there every time, even if I don’t have to go to the other side. haha.

  2. I love seeing streets after a good rain – the asphalt is darker, hiding all of the imperfections. It’s the perfect timing for street photography and you’ve captured it so well here, especially in contrast with the green of the trees.

    And that last shot? You’re making me jealous with how fit you are! :)

    • Yes, exactly! I love the colors after a good rain ;) And there’s something about the smell of a forest after the rain that just makes me smile every time.

      And thanks for the flattering compliment–but I’m really not that fit! My arms are super buff from carrying E around but my legs are just…hanging in there. haha

    • Thanks! Well, my mother has taken a photo with my camera maybe three or four times, but she also loves taking pictures (maybe that’s where I get it) so it was probably easy for her to use my camera ;)

  3. Moms are like that aren’t they? Haha! I loved Omotesando! It was really, really close to Hiro-ou which was where we stayed when we went down to Tokyo (the military hotel of course.!)

    I forget how CLEAN Japan is. I saw this on pinterest and was pleasantly reminded of how clean it is compared to the states. I mean if that was NYC you’d never see a street that clean.

    Totally amazing, I would swear some of these shots are film they look so nice!

    • You stayed in Hiroo? That’s another nice area of the city that I’m not very familiar with! Are there any places that you recommend in Hiroo?

      And yeah,I looove how clean it is here. You get used to it being so clean though. Whenever I go back to NY it takes me a while to get used to all the garbage rolling around the streets! haha.

      Clean and safe. Japan really is a great place to live. I’m definitely going to miss those two things when I move back to the states!

      • Wish I had somewhere to recommend in Hiroo. We stayed at the New Sanno Hotel. But that is a military hotel so I can’t really say where to go but it’s really pretty and nice there. I felt pretty safe the whole time in Japan.

        We even stayed out some nights really late and walked around just us girls by ourselves and still felt really safe. Not like the states. Also you are not worried someone is going to try to rob you. I wish we could go back to Japan at least one more time after Hawaii and ride out the rest of my husband’s time in the military.


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