On the End of Summer


My little girl mumbles in her sleep as I write this in the pitch black bedroom. I stop for a second to make sure that she’s not calling my name. And…nope, it’s not me she’s calling. Can’t quite make out the words but it sounds like she’s confused. I wonder what she’s dreaming about. Pancakes? Penguins? Daddy-o?

It’s probably going to be another long night, but for now everything is peaceful. Sleep fills the not-so-hot room. Because yes, we’re finally able to go the entire day without blasting the AC. It’s been like this for the past two days. Summer has started to fade ever so slightly and although it’s still pretty humid, I can actually sense that autumn is waiting just around the corner.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love summer and everything that it brings, but autumn has definitely been my favorite season for the past few years. So out with the straw hats and in with the leather jackets.

Well, maybe not just yet, but soon I hope.





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  1. Now I’m curious to know if it did turn out to be a long night ;)
    It’s strange that even though I d like autumn, I don’t like it at the same time, because it reminds me that winter is just around the corner and I hate being too cold.. which is what you get when you live in Barcelona, a very humid city that does get very cold and most of the city doesn’t even have heating! bbrrr one step at a time though, summer is still here, after that I’ll go on with the lether jackets like you :)

    • Yes, it turned out to be a long night… But I guess that’s nothing new around here ;)

      Winter in Barcelona sounds freezing! I can’t believe most of the city doesn’t have heating… I’m like you, I hate being too cold, so I don’t know if I’d last there! But yeah, let’s take it step by step ;)

  2. Oh my gosh you are lucky to have seasons…..today alone it was 111. Nande??!

    I love the shot of your Leica!! I love fall it is my favorite season cause that means pumpkin everything and of course PSL from Starbucks.

    Oh my gosh I know about the mumbling…I don’t like it though some times my son cries out like he did when he was a baby just a small little whimper but it’s enough to wake me up out of a dead sleep at 3AM. Zannen deshita…

    • Thanks, Dina! I love my Leica but I need to practice so much more before I can use it well. I’m so used to shooting digital that everything takes a lot of time–especially because it’s such an old camera.

      And 111 degrees?! Yikes… Hontoni, nande?? Be careful of heat stroke!

      E’s mumbling wakes me up in the middle of the night too. Actually, any small noise would wake me up though–especially if it was coming from E. I think a lot of us moms are hardwired to snap wide awake at the slightest noise. (Although I know of a few moms who could sleep through anything!)

  3. I also love autumn, in Ukraine first two months are usually warm, so it’s the best time to travel around the country. This autumn is different for us because of the latest news,but I hope that yellow color around can catch my attention this year.

  4. The shorter days already make me miss summer, especially since I feel like I didn’t get the regular full force of summer this year. But I can’t deny that I love sweaters and hot coffee ;)

    • I’m sure we’ll still have some summer-like days before autumn comes full blast! Hopefully we can enjoy them before donning our sweaters. Although I can’t wait for pumpkin flavored drinks and fall foliage ;)

  5. I love both the actual photos and the way you painted the scene so vividly with your words .I felt as though I was actually there in the room. You are such a great writer! Yeah for fall–just not winter! :-)


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