On Seeing Familiar Places with New Eyes


So the other day when I had the day off from motherhood, I spent a few hours walking around Jiyugaoka. And although I had my camera with me I didn’t take too many photos (instead I just made a video). But I did take a few, so I thought I’d share.

Most of the photos are from an area called La Vita, a little section of the town that’s modeled after Venice. There aren’t that many shops there and it’s practically deserted (or at least it was when I went there), but it was interesting to photograph. I bumped into a few other people with cameras who, like me, where obviously there solely for the purpose of taking pictures.


Jiyugaoka is a place I used to go to every now and then when I was in college. But back then, I never really appreciated how interesting and diverse it is. There are so many little shops and delicious cafes. I guess it’s easier to notice the beauty of a place once you’re away for a while.

It kind of made me want to revisit all of the places I used to go to, so that I could see them through different eyes.





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  1. Wow, this place is adorable!! Youay not have taken a lot of photos but the few you did seems to do justice. How I wish I could hop on a place and stay there for a while! I too have revisited places from my youth and wondered how I did not appreciate them at the time. Glad you had a little alone time too! :-)

  2. Amazing. I think I would have driven my husband crazy. Let’s not talk about Disneyland I’m still working on those…>_<

    I think you did a fantastic job and it's nice to just be able to walk and photograph. I think it is more important to have one good photograph then a ton of photos of the same thing. Great, great job!

    I also want to go back to places I lived in when I was younger. Like going back to Misawa and seeing that place with new eyes or going back to Florida and seeing the area I used to live in. Or making the very long trek back to Turkey and seeing the place I was born.

    • Thank you so much! You’re so kind to have included me on your list :) I really like your blog and enjoyed learning a little more about you through your award post. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can accept these kinds of awards because I wouldn’t know who to tag. But thank you. I will definitely be checking out the other blogs you nominated though!


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