On Disneyland and Finding Your Passion

And snap. Just like that, summer vacation is over. It felt like that in high school, and it still feels like that today. It’s like time goes by at three times the normal speed just to make sure that you’re paying attention to all the little details of each moment.

My husband is already back in the States and E and I have returned to our regularly scheduled programming. It kind of feels like this past week was just a snapshot from a particularly happy daydream of mine. Still, we got quite a lot done during the short time we had together. Lots of family time and even a couple of trips. One of the big events (especially for E) was Tokyo Disneyland and Disneysea.

Now, going to that place in the middle of obon is just…well, not a very smart idea. The place was PACKED. And I mean like wait-in-line-for-four-hours-to-get-on-a-ride kind of packed. Yeah… We didn’t do that though. Obviously. Although many people happily lined up in the rain.

We went to Disneysea on the first day and Disneyland on the second. Not only was it raining on the first day, but my camera also ran out of batteries after about an hour. I usually have a second battery with me but I completely forgot to bring it with me that day.

Yes, total Mom Fail.

But, here are the few shots that I did manage to get.

Tokyo DisneyseaTokyo Disneysea

Tokyo Disneysea
Tokyo Disneysea
Tokyo Disneysea

We stayed at a hotel near the park with an amazing view of Tokyo Bay. I had originally wanted to stay at the hotel within the park, but the place was completely booked during this season.

It was all good though because, well, check out our view.

Tokyo Bay

We were blessed with sunny skies on our second day. It was a perfect, albeit scorching, summer day, but it also meant that Disneyland was basically like the Yamanote Line during rush hour. I’m the kind of person who likes to sit alone in secluded spaces, so the amount of people made me sort of nauseous. But it was worth it after seeing E’s face light up when she met Mickey and Minnie. We didn’t line up for four hours to go on rides, but we did line up three times for forty minutes each so E could take a picture with her favorite mice. (Okay, I just read what I wrote and realized wait a minute, we DID wait in line for hours!)

Anyway, E patiently waited in line, singing the same song over and over again (driving the other people in line absolutely insane, I’m sure) and even managed to say “Zutto aitakattayo” (I always wanted to meet you) to Mickey.

Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo Disneyland
Tokyo disneyland

And lastly, a very long side note.

I wonder what it is about the whole Disney experience that makes everything seem sort of magical. I’m not a huge Disney fanatic (although I love Pixar movies) but I gotta admit that the parks have a way of making you happy despite the crazy crowds and jaw-dropping lines.

While we were eating at one of the cafes at Disneysea I noticed a woman at a table next to ours who was looking through the pictures on her camera with a huge grin on her face. She looked like she was in her late fifties and she was alone. She had bags and bags of Disney stuffed animals and other goodies beside her. I thought maybe she was waiting for her children, but it didn’t take long to realize that that wasn’t the case.

We were seated on the second floor, where we could see the parade from above without dealing with the crowds. The moment the parade started, the woman stood up and began waving at the characters with both hands, smiling from ear to ear. She was in her own, happy world, totally oblivious of the people around her.

She was ecstatic. She was emotional. She was having the time of her life.

And I was totally inspired.

Well, not by the waving both hands at Mickey part, but by the fact that she could be so passionate about something. That she could lose herself in the moment and be so carefree.

How great is that?

Now, I know I won’t be a Disney fanatic at fifty, but I sure do hope that I’ll have that certain “something,” a passion, that keeps me going.

Tokyo Disneyland




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  1. Did we just go to Disney…..at the same time?

    We just go back! :) I’m still going through all my photos….it’s a lot. We did Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Which was a blast for T. :)

    E looked like she had so much fun. I agree that there is something about Disney that is so magical and wonderful. From how the Cast Members treat you to the memories it creates. :) We had an amazing Cast Member give us a badge on the day we went to DCA to allow us to jump ahead of the line as many times as we wanted all day long for only one ride but it was so kind of them to do that!

    I loved Tokyo Disneyland! That’s where we got engaged.

    Hopefully next year (I’m making plans already!) we can catch a flight to Japan so we can show T another fun Disneyland. We’ll see how that goes.

    I’m glad you guys had so much fun even though it’s summer. DL and DCA were so packed too!

    • That’s so funny! I guess we were basically doing the same thing on opposite sides of the earth ;)

      I’m glad to hear that you guys had a great time! That’s so nice of the cast member who gave you that badge. I guess it’s the way Disney makes you feel special that makes it so magical. (Does that make sense?) And you got engaged at TDL?! That’s so sweet :) That would definitely make DL very special for you and your family!

      And I hear you about making plans for next year. I’m totally like that too! I hope you guys get to show your little boy the place where his parents got engaged ;)

      • Oh my gosh yes! Way back in 2006. :) We met in Misawa and then took a trip with the base to Tokyo and of course TDL where he asked me. :)

        I think that no matter what you age Disney manages to create magic. It’s hard to not have fun where you are there.

        LOL it’s really funny we are doing the same things!

  2. I’ve never been to Disney actually. You managed to get a lot of shots so no mummy failing at all, the photos are magnificent :) And so cute the story about the lady enjoying Disney so much xx

  3. As always fantastic photos and great writing! It would have not guessed that you forgot your second battery had you not mentioned. :) How funny about the lady and I love your perspective on her. I’m with you about passion. I hope that I will find something that I can be passionate about in my 50’s.

    • Thank you, Kaho ;)

      I’m still beating myself over the head for forgetting my extra battery. But I guess it was for the better because instead of taking photos I was able to enjoy every moment through my eyes and not the viewfinder. (I’m so guilty of that usually!)

      And I really do hope I’ll have something to be passionate about in my 50’s. Or even now, I guess. Maybe it’s something that doesn’t need to start later on in life.


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