Day Off

My husband is visiting for a week and it’s been so nice to have him around. He came back on Saturday and E hasn’t left his side since. Everything has to be done by Daddy-o (as she calls him) and I am happily sent to the sidelines.

Today, I was given a “day off” from motherhood and roamed the streets of Jiyugaoka sans toddler. It felt so strange to be walking around with practically nothing in my bag. Seriously, all I needed was my wallet, my phone and my camera. Although I missed my little girl, it was refreshing to have so little stuff to carry around.

Anyway, I used my iPhone to take some very shaky, very low quality clips of my outing and mashed them all together with an app to give you an idea of what it’s like here.




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  1. It is always so awesome, to be without a toddler for a little bit. I love my son but I do enjoy breaks from him!

    I loved this Miwa it was almost a day in the life of your life! I hope you make more!!

  2. I just love this it’s so dreamy, a little mysterious . . . and happy . . . knowing you are enjoying a bit of freedom. That was one of the biggest adjustments to motherhood I had . . . . negotiating the total loss of freedom. I must learn how to put together clips and attach music . . . it’s like making your own little film!

    • Thanks, Sue! I agree, “negotiating the total loss of freedom” has definitely been one of the hardest things for me about motherhood. I’m so used to doing things by myself, at my own pace. My daughter is almost three and although I’ve gotten pretty used to the “loss of freedom,” it’s honestly still something that causes me stress when I’m tired or just want a time out.

      PS. I made this clip using only my iPhone and an app called “Cameo.” It was very, very easy ;)


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