I had the chance to see the city from above today. And despite the cloudy weather, we were still able to see pretty far. We could even see Tokyo Skytree. (That would be the tallest, thin line that you can see waaaay in the back of the first two photos of this post). Do you see it? Squint really hard and concentrate…. and yes, there it is.

photo 4 (10)

So anyway, I’d never really planned on going to Skytree, but after seeing how incredibly sky-scraping it is, I found myself asking E if she wanted to go there with me. She didn’t really give me a straight answer so I added, “I hear they have lots of penguins there.” (Apparently, there’s an aquarium there.) And yup, that did it, she was on board.

So there we have it. Hopefully, we’ll make it there sometime soon. In the meantime, have a great weekend!





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  1. Oh I hope you go and post many photos of it! These pictures are amazing–I LOVE your photography!!! Your blog is definitely one of my favorites! :-)

  2. I tend to be scared of heights unless I’m inside a building, then I want to go up as high as I can to see the view! Love these photos! I was wondering when I saw your last photo on instagram, whether that angle was from Keio Plaza or not ;D

    PS: I hear the Skytree aquarium is pretty great. Can’t wait to hear about your trip there!

    • Haha! That’s awesome that you knew exactly where that photo was taken! Sasugadane. And yeah, I hope we make it to Skytree soon. Probably after obon though. It’s probably crazy crowded. (Says the person who’s going to Disneyland tomorrow… Yikes. It’s gonna be like a mosh pit.)


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