Although I’d prefer to live somewhere deep in the woods, I have to admit that city life can be exciting. The busy streets, the neon signs, the bustling crowds. There’s energy oozing from the air.

People are always in a hurry, weaving their way through crowds and rushing to make sure that they get across the street before the light turns red. Every minute, every second, it seems, can’t be wasted. And I know I appear the same way in the eyes of others.

We’re all cooped up in this jumble of buildings and trains, zipping across the streets like a never-ending game of Pac-man.

Yes, Tokyo is a fascinating place.





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    • Thank you, Melissa! I know I should’ve posted pictures of the busy streets but I couldn’t get any shots of that without being afraid that E would wander off into the traffic while I was taking a shot! But I figured, oh well, I guess these hastily taken shots show a side of Tokyo too. Because even though cities are busy places, they can also feel lonely at times, you know?

  1. Yes, it is. Sometimes — often! — the crowds* scare me, but it remains the greatest city in the world and I will always be grateful that it allows me to walk, woman alone, anywhere and at any time.

    * Tokyo’s crows are pretty scary, too. :)

    • Oh I know exactly what you mean! I’m always a lot more aware of my surroundings and careful of my every step when I’m walking in NYC. It’s a completely different experience. Here, I could be daydreaming while walking through the busiest street without fearing for my life (or belongings). I mean, there are so many people who read while walking down the street or sleep while standing up in a train. It’s crazy and wonderful.

      And yes, the crows! E is scared of them too. And for god reason–they’re enormous!!

  2. E has the cutest tshirt on in that photo of her squatting. I love how you captured Tokyo in your photos. Made me realize I still haven’t gotten tired of Tokyo yet :-)

    • Thanks, Kaori! E’s shirt is actually grammatically incorrect… It says “Gentle and smile.” Whatever that means. Lol. But it looks like she’s wearing suspenders and it has a mustache so… まあ許す ;)

  3. Always so stunning! I can’t wait to move to Hawaii so we can catch a hop back to Japan. I miss Japan soooo much! Samishiiii!

    Your photos are so wonderful!! Fantastic job.

    I think I tend to agree that Tokyo is a busy place but the city does have quiet moments. We of course didn’t live that close to Tokyo where we were stationed there Aomori-ken ni sunde imashita to Fussa-shi sunde imashita. Chouto country tte omou.


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