Morning Light

My little girl gets up bright and early, every single day. Her inner alarm clock is set at 4:30 am, which isn’t so bad these days because the sun is already on its way up during the summer. (It was freezing cold and pitch black during the winter.)

But today, my early bird decided to get a head start and wake up before the sun came out. Groggy and disoriented, I followed her into the dark living room where I was sure I would pass out on the couch.

But as the sun started to rise, we started to see shadows across the floor and beautiful natural light coming through the windows. Together, we inspected the spots with the best light and played with our shadows as we waited for the rest of Tokyo to wake up.

It was a magical morning that only those with early bird toddlers get to experience. A morning that I’m sure I will never forget.




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  1. I think I need to try this……………………………………………..

    when the sun is setting.

    Does she go to bed early too? I’m sure I’d be a zombie. >_< Denkinai you~~~

    Watashi no musuko wa 0630 kara, okitte.

    Asa no hanashi wa "Mommy, Thomas to Tomodachi o misetai~~ Aishiteru yo"

    Of course in English.


    • That is so funny! E does the same thing. She adds “datte Mommy no koto daisuki nandamon” to everything to try and get what she wants. Manipulator!! Haha :)

      E goes to bed between seven thirty and nine. Is that early? Or late? I don’t know what time other people put their kids to bed. I try to get her to bed before eight because she wakes up at 4:30 regardless of whether she goes to sleep early or late. It’s crazy. And it usually takes her a while to fall asleep so that’s why she ends up going to bed later on some days.

      And yes, you should definitely try this… when the sun is setting!

      • I think that is a normal bed time. My monster goes to bed around 7:30-8:00….depends on how long the sun decides to stay up……if there is a hint of light from the sun my son will fight sleep with every inch of his being.


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